Discipling individuals, small groups, and congregations in the life-giving ways of Jesus

2015 and 16 at the Workshop

Dear Workshop Participants and Supporters:

Thank you for your continued participation in the vibrant ministries of St. Benedict’s Workshop. We are excited to tell you about our new program year that starts in September.
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Commitments of Participants

Participants commit to speak clearly, from their own experiences (using “I” statements), to listen carefully and thoughtfully, and to honor all opinions without arguing over which is right.

Participants commit to speak one by one, waiting for each person to finish.
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Benedictine Values

Awareness of God: To look for God in ordinary events of each day (19:1)

Community Living: To become who we are by our relationships with others (72:12)

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“How can I find time for all the things that are important to me, without feeling that I’m cheating somebody in some area of my life?”

The WorkShop helps people find meaningful patterns of living that reflect their many vocations and enhance the lives of everyone around them.
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