Discipling individuals, small groups, and congregations in the life-giving ways of Jesus

Benedictine Values

Awareness of God: To look for God in ordinary events of each day (19:1)

Community Living: To become who we are by our relationships with others (72:12)

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Study of Philippians

Paul’s correspondence to his beloved and trusted church in Philippi is possibly his most beautiful and certainly one of his most powerful, yet practical letters, for Christians then and now. This study will show how Paul’s practical moral reasoning grounded life in Christ for the Philippians, and how it undergirds all our life of faithfulness today.
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“How can I find time for all the things that are important to me, without feeling that I’m cheating somebody in some area of my life?”

The WorkShop helps people find meaningful patterns of living that reflect their many vocations and enhance the lives of everyone around them.
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Bible Challenge

The Bible Challenge is a book that sets out a program for reading the entire Bible in one year. Join others in the San Antonio Episcopal Community who are participating in this challenge.
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