Co-Director of The WorkShop

My first work experience after college was in a small press, where I was apprenticed to a master printer.  There I learned to set type by hand and to value the attention to detail that marks those who are dedicated to the book arts: the clean impress of perfectly spaced letters into creamy handmade paper. Every day was an adventure in learning from those who were much further down the path of this art than I was. When my spiritual life became more urgent, and I entered seminary, I still had this sense that we learn most importantly from watching and studying the people around us who embody the life that we are seeking to learn.

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Apprenticeship is the model I keep in mind in the reflection groups that are at the heart of The WorkShop. In our groups and classes, we seek to help people learn how to embody the values and the heart of Christ in all that they do–at home, at work, and in their wider communities.  In these groups, people learn how to apprentice themselves to Christ, so to speak, to learn how to live fully and well; and they learn also from engagement with one another.

To apprentice oneself to Christ, one needs to know the stories of Jesus in the New Testament, and not as a child knows them, but with all the heart, soul, and mind of an adult. The WorkShop reflection groups are strengthened by ongoing teaching in the Bible, with special attention to the historical context of Jesus and the earliest Christians, and to the Greek language in which the New Testament was written. My scholarly interests are in the use of metaphor in the New Testament as a form of moral instruction; and in the theme of “calling,” or “vocation.” I am currently working on a book that presents a model of vocation to help ordinary people sense how they are being called by God to work and relationships.

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