Date:September 02, 2015

Commitments of Participants


Participants commit to speak clearly, from their own experiences (using “I” statements), to listen carefully and thoughtfully, and to honor all opinions without arguing over which is right.

Participants commit to speak one by one, waiting for each person to finish.

Participants commit to self-awareness in conversation; dominating the time does not allow others to contribute.

Participants commit to honor their own and others’ occasional need for silence. No one must share or talk; our focus is people, not ideas.

Participants commit to practice confidentiality at all times; we do not repeat what others say or reveal in the groups.

Participants expect to be changed in the course of our conversations, as revelations of the Holy Spirit challenge us to see, think and act in new ways.


Because all voices are needed, participants commit to attend groups and studies with regularity.

Because sessions assume familiarity with a biblical text, participants commit to read material in advance of the next class session when assigned.

Participants commit to be punctual; we start and end on time, in order to honor everyone’s time.

Participants commit to pray for one another regularly.

Participants commit to practice Christ-like care for one another, and they model that care at all times.


Because Workshop retreats, classes, and groups are designed to expand our biblical understanding in new and creative ways, participants commit to be open to teachings that may challenge their current theological convictions. Time for further reflection and questioning may be arranged with one of the leaders outside of class.