A Description of the WorkShop’s Weekly Reflection Groups

How does Jesus Christ actively come alive in each of us? How do we recognize Christ at work around us in today’s world? Where do we see the life-giving power of God redeeming, reconciling, and re-creating life in the various relationships and circumstances of our daily lives?

These are only a few of the related questions we consider when we gather in one of the WorkShop’s weekly reflection groups. We imaginatively work with the scriptures to inform and shape our practices of discipleship and discernment in all areas of daily life.

After opening with prayer, a member of the group volunteers to share a current event unfolding in the person’s work, family, or church life. The story often requires some kind of ongoing discernment about ways to engage a particular person and/or issue. After a succinct presentation of the event, the group takes a few minutes in silence to reflect and identify particular biblical passages that might shed light on the story. We then read each biblical passage, identifying how the narrative and reasoning of the passage, or some of its guiding principles, illuminate the issues under consideration. Sometimes, a passage helps the presenter better understand the situation. At other times, a passage suggests a concrete response to one or more of the issues under consideration. Usually, the presenter leaves the meeting with new insights and a variety of possibilities for how to respond in Christ-like ways to the particular circumstances. At later meetings, the presenter often follows up with chapter two in the continuing story. This provides the group with an opportunity to reflect further on how God is at work in the presenter’s life and story, and where Christ is coming alive in one or more of the story’s participants.

Over time God knits together the members of each reflection group into a unique body of Christ bearing witness to the risen Lord in the modern world.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining a group.